Grilled cheese Melt-down.

I suppose it could happen to anybody. It was an honest mistake. When I think back on some of the positions I’ve held in various companies and sweatshops, there may or may not have been some instances where I forgot to do something I should have. When I was eighteen I neglected to set the breaks on a three-hundred-pound lawnmower.  The damn thing took off on its’ own, jumped a curb, and for good measure slammed into my new 87’ Camaro before I had a chance to catch up with it. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if my co-workers weren’t watching along with a potential client. A few years later I left a hammer on top of a ladder before going to eat and when I returned to take the ladder down, the hammer promptly fell and cracked the imported Italian marble tiles. I was politely given the boot the following evening. One time I just plain old forgot to go to work. Probably would have slipped under the radar if it had it not been Memorial Day. I will leave it up to you to figure out what happened next.

We ordered take-out for lunch today. When it arrived we opened the bag unleashing a delicious aroma of roast beef, panini bread and melted cheeses. After ruffling around the sack and handing out the goodies to everyone I upended the cursed bag to see if mine had made its’ way out of the delicatessen. Turned out the guy left my Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich on the grill…Hunger is a fickle thing. Makes you do things you would normally avoid doing and causes all sorts of inner turmoil. It starts in the gut, slowly snaking its’ way up the spine and into the backs of your eyeballs and drops down into your stomach at the speed of sound sending rippling hunger pangs to the tips of your toes. This sounds dramatic but we all know what the hunger monkeys can accomplish if the appetite is not properly taken care of.

When everyone was enjoying the delectable feast I was walking around trying to appear calm. But I wanted answers. I demanded to know the meaning for such deception. I moaned and groaned on the inside and snapped at people. Sorry about that guys. Turns out I still have character flaws to rectify. An hour later the guy returned with my meal and we parted in peace with no bloodshed. Three hours later I felt foolish. There are millions of hungry people in this country who won’t be eating today. While I am looking for heads to roll over bread and what is essentially mold, kids are crying because their little bellies ache from starvation. When I stopped to think about it I felt shame. After remembering the ice cold refrigerator I had at home and all the contents within I stopped to say a quick prayer of gratitude because in the grand scheme of things I won’t die if I were to skip a meal. I won’t collapse if an ice cold caramel macchiato doesn’t quench my thirst. But someone will die from lack of water tonight. Someone will succumb to poverty, fall victim to famine. The next time I feel the beast begin to stir I shall restrain it with the knowledge of how fortunate I really am.

2 responses to “Grilled cheese Melt-down.

  • Andrew

    I agree the hunger monkeys are definitely a force to reckon with. But I think you’re right on what’s really important. How many times have I eaten a sandwich griped about the type of mustard on it? Alot. It puts things in perspective.

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