100 Words: So let it be done

Rise up courageously young wanderer for slumber has fallen upon the people in the land and made men weary and drowsy with selfishness, wicked with unbridled greed the likes of which this world has not seen nor shall ever see again. How long will you allow the blind to lead the sheep before you step forward? The hand which formed the fingers, will it not guide you? The mouth which called forth light, will it not beckon your soul? Be brave and very courageous because slumber is for a moment, awake the people, call forth eternity, light will conquer darkness.

Current Prompt: Slumber

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12 responses to “100 Words: So let it be done

  • jesterqueen (@jesterqueen)

    I like the call to action. It feels like it could be medieval or modern!

    You had asked on Carrie’s blog how to lift the picture. Here’s a really short how-to. On VV’s blog, click “100 words” in the header. (This will get you to the smaller version of the picture.) Right click the picture and choose “save image as”, then drop it someplace on your own computer.

    While you’re there, highlight the URL in the address bar and copy it (CTRL+C or right click + copy)

    When you do your own post, wordpress has a camera icon on top of the typing area. Click “insert” and choose the file. (You probably already know that part) In the bottom of the ‘insert’ area, you should see a line that says ‘link URL’. Highlight the URL that’s in there and paste in, instead, the URL you copied from VV’s page. Then, when people click the picture, they will go to the URL you specified.


  • debseeman

    I’m with Jess here! It is relevant on several levels. Left to ones own devices, it has different meaning for each reader. Well done!

    • Papparaci

      Thank you Deb I appreciate your comment and I feel the same. This is the beauty of the written word, it has a way of cutting through to the very depth of our hearts and allows us to process it anyway we see fit. Does this make sense to you? Because as I proofread it I wonder if I haven’t lost a marble or two. 🙂

  • Carrie

    I love how this is relevant in so many ways, in anytime, any place, any civilization. Lovely job with the prompt 🙂

    • Papparaci

      Carrie, thank you kindly for your words of encouragement it put a smile on my face. Please continue to read and enjoy my random thoughts and runaway imagination! 🙂

  • Kat

    I think this would fit perfectly in one of my stories. I love how your words mesh together, drawing you in for more!

  • Velvet Verbosity (@velvetverbosity)

    Thanks Jester for giving the tutorial on getting the 100 Words photo on the blog. 🙂 Love when the community takes care of itself.

    Papparaci – I concur that this sounds almost mediaval. And it sounds like the beginning of an epic novel.

    • Papparaci

      Dear Velvet,

      This is the first time I have had the chance to communicate with you directly and tell you it is my pleasure. Thank you for your words of encouragement, I look forward to expanding this paragraph in to something more than I had originally intended. Good to meet you and kudos on the 100 word challenge I am enjoying it immensely 🙂

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