100 Words: Sticky fingers

The home radiated indulgence and affluence was evident in all four corners of the ridiculously sized palace. She stood in front of an oval mirror in the massive dining hall and watched other guests flirt and mingle in the reflection. She cast her eyes upon the treasures and glanced quickly to her left before slipping a small, gold plated picture frame into her handbag.

This epicurean hussy and her tax evading, crook of a husband won’t miss a thing. She pondered her decision and felt comfortable stealing from the rich. She walked towards a bar and ordered a dry martini.    Current Prompt: Epicurean

The word epicurean developed out of the philosophy of Epicurus (c. 341–c. 270 BCE) and while it has now come to mean either a person who delights in worldly, sensual pleasures, or as an adjective, having luxurious tastes and habits, the original philosophy  was very much about the discipline of moderation.

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