Trifecta Challenge: To dry her tears

He grabbed her hand and when she turned to face him he could see small, oval shaped tears drop down upon her lovely face. He took a napkin and wiped them away gently.

Trifextra: Week Twenty-Nine Challenge: Write a 33 word ending to a book.

17 responses to “Trifecta Challenge: To dry her tears

  • Jeanna

    There’s something so sexy about a man wiping away tears. Nicely written.

  • lumdog

    He grabs her hand, but gently dries her tears. Interesting choice of words. I sense there’s more beyond this strong ending.

  • Gina

    I agree with Jeanna. Something special and sexy about a caring man. But he grabbed her. Was she trying to walk away? I’m interested to know what came before.

  • Mike

    Keep up the great work buddy!

  • Ruby Manchanda

    Great work. Lovely, beautiful and strong.

  • Linda Vernon

    How beautiful! Oval shaped tears drop down upon her lovely face. I loved that you used “upon”

  • ReinWPStudio

    Just droping you a note to say what a pleasure it was meeting you at the Chama Brewery the other night. Just gettin’ around to getting you in phonebook and shortcut for my desktop. Judging from some of the photo, it seems that might have taken a couple of my subjections.GOOD STUFF by the way.

    Am goin’ to sit down over the weekend and actually read the blog. Don’t want to get to far behind. At the moment am tryin’ to get Anatomy of A Serigraph of the ground. Found a person . . . { where else }. . . at the Chama that’s gonna help get it up ‘n’ runnin’ sometime early next week. Will leave comment when it is champagne moment. Address-by-the-way:


    By-the-way, my hot roast beef would leave your Artby’s in the dark. I have 300 years of selected breeding to fall back upon.

    Have a good trip. Wish I could be traveling it with you. But as Frost would say . . . am taking another road less travel by.

    Rein Whitt-Pritchette
    Artist | Serigrapher

    P.S. Stay not too long in the Land of Enchantment . . . the exits have a wierd way of disappearing when you least expected it . . . LOL

    • Papparaci

      Rein! It was a pleasure to meet you as well! Chama is a cool little place with good beer and better conversations. I will look you up on WordPress and check out what you have going!
      Well, there is nothing like home cooking! Arby’s is just a sinful pleasure I enjoy whenever I am in a state that sells it.
      Trip is going really well so far! Checked out those red cliffs you were telling me about. Colorado is a beautiful place!
      Rein, I look forward to corresponding with you more! New Mexico was pretty wild, I will have to check it out again. Take care buddy and thanks for reading!

  • caryn buechler

    Hey kid,
    Your writing is so heartfelt, it makes me feel like your still right here with us, even though I know your not
    Keep up the good work, YOUR WORDS are giving me such a clear picture of your most amazing adventure!
    Love caryn

    • Papparaci

      Dearest Caryn,

      Thank you so kindly for your words of encouragement. I believe if we don’t write with our emotions we are just wasting time. Wish you guys were here.
      Love, me

  • trifectawriting

    I liked this one, too. I like how you didn’t give us a ton of the who, what, where, when, and whys. I don’t think many final lines actually do that. You just gave us a hint at what happened. This is strong. Thanks for linking up.

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