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Trifecta Challenge: Jerky Turkey

Dozens of green little men began marching towards their underground shelter. The purpose was to rest for awhile before setting off to recapture the stolen turkeys. Their bellies growled and they screamed revenge.

Trifecta week 27 challenge: Write a 33 word fable.

100 Words: Old man Jones

Old man Jones clutched the monkey bars and slowly lifted his torn boots into the humid August air. His back pleaded for mercy, his torso screamed uncle and yet he held on all the tighter, until he heard the distinctive crack. The little circus stunt sent shockwaves down his crippled spine and he released before the blue veins in his knuckles exploded through his skin.

He took the cane resting on the park bench and continued down the lonely road to his empty home. Exhaustion overtook his soul, his kneecaps wracked with pain. Jones lifted his head and smiled anyway.


Current Prompt: write a descriptive piece about being utterly drained, tired, exhausted. In 100 words of course