Trifecta Challenge: Because of Abel

Week eighty-eight: Use the word band as your prompt to write a 33-333 word story, poem, etc. I decided to capitalize on one of my favorite songs. Enjoy.

He brought them together because no one else wanted to deal with outcasts. The man sitting next to Abel gnawed his fingers until they bled. Desperation ravaged his tear-streaked face, his voice was hollow, his soul teetered on emptiness, he sucked on his hand because the drugs were gone and it drove him mad.

A young woman of twenty-eight stood erect in the corner. She spoke to herself in small whispers and played with the dirty locks in her scalp. She had been a mother once but the city took her child. Abel found her curled in a ball behind an abandoned warehouse. “Gone, gone, all gone away, never to return, like the Great Oz, gone from my arms” she had mumbled to no one in particular as he picked her up from the ground. A small shoe was entwined in her thin fingers and she held it close to her chest.

Darrell was rocking back and forth near a dirty window. He was watching traffic slither to a standstill on the street below. Saliva dribbled down his chin and stained the sweater Abel knitted for him.

He loved them desperately and without condition. They were his people. They were his band of merry misfits and nothing would ever hurt them again. Abel stood with a gentle grace and opened a small book.

“OK everyone, let’s begin.”

Like wounded sheep in need of healing they approached their shepherd and listened to the words he spoke.

16 responses to “Trifecta Challenge: Because of Abel

  • Linda Vernon

    This is wonderful. So believably dirty and gritty and ugly and yet . . . I loved the ending

  • Cobbie's World

    There are whole worlds that exist on the fringes of our communities. Sometimes we catch glimpses of them as we drive by on our way to some better, cleaner, safer place of our own. However, there are those who make it their mission to go down among the donwtrodden, the outcasts, as you called them, and give themselves over to the notion of bringing some love and kindness into the harsh, dark worlds of those who live on the outskirts of normality. You have captured the desparation of these people very well. Brilliant descriptions all throughout your story. Thank you very much for linking up this week.

    • Papparaci

      Cobbie, thank you for taking the time to delve into my words and leaving me your thoughts. I agree with you, our society is inept at dealing with the harsh reality of desperation.

  • Christina

    wow this is some awesome writing. the imagery is so spot on!

  • The Real Cie

    When one is mentally ill, one is always marginalized. Even if one manages to be successful, the perceived defect must either be kept a secret or one must take the risk of exposing their true self and be rejected yet again.

  • Gina

    The people on the fringe. It’s a lonely, scary world for them and yet, your story reminds us that even through the dirt, grime, etc. they, too, have a community. Or one hopes they do. The ending really tugged at my heart. Great job!!!

  • Lumdog

    The writing, like the story, is gritty and real, if that makes any sense. I like the hope in the ending. Nice piece of work.

  • Kir Piccini

    There is never enough care for the people of our society.. Enough understanding or acceptance.. This story shows the gritty underbelly of what many of us turn an eye from.. Not always in ignorance but many times in a futile attempt to help too many. Like the starfish story ‘made a difference to that one’ sometimes that is enough, to make a difference to one.

    This was very thoughtful.. Thank you for linking with us this week.

    • Papparaci

      Dear Kir, I agree with you, many sick and desperate people are shunned and kicked to the side, it is a great travesty and scar on our great nation. Thank you for reading and taking the time to leave some thoughts. Have a nice day.

  • jannatwrites

    It’s like he’s the collector of lost and broken souls. I like Abel. (And I like his Biblical name, the nobler of the brothers.) I like how he hasn’t turned his back on the ones the world has. The young mother’s story was particularly wrenching.

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