The clown behind the curtain.

Hello and welcome to a world of pure imagination, random thinking and vivid intros. This is where the sane come to get a reality check and maybe leave with a smile on their face. Hi, I am Gabriel. In a few months I shall turn thirty and in several short weeks I will be leaving my homeland to embark on a cross-country quest of endurance and survival to see if one guy gone bananas can live on God’s good humor and come out with a book interesting enough to print and keep people on the edge of their proverbial chairs. I will be leaving my job and family to start something new and exciting. I am tired of living vicariously through books and other people. When  you’re single with no children, packing up and getting out of dodge for a few years seems like a perfectly normal thing to do. Heck, this could be my midlife crises. But alas, someone has to start a revolution. I don’t mean the bad kind, you know, barbarians running around like lunatics flinging garbage and hurling pies at one another. In my revolution people throw baked goods and leave the pitchforks at home. I want to be the person who motivates someone to do something extraordinary. I think the side trips in life are what keeps us going. It’s the unknown which drives us to push harder. See, I believe the majority of people walk around with questions marks atop their noggins trying to find something to laugh about, something to inspire them. I want to live a better story, if I can make one person laugh a day then I have done my job as a human. If I leave you wanting more then I did my job as a storyteller.

Please check back frequently to see more of my pictures and get lost in my nonsense. Sometimes we need to escape reality. I am an expert in this field so if you like, please follow me and leave comments and constructive criticism because we never grow until someone slaps our pride. Peace.

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